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Energetic Robbery

I’ve been misusing my greatest super power…maybe you are too?!

After getting sober I started discovering how highly attuned I am (I no longer call it highly sensitive). It has been a journey of claiming this as a gift and a super power rather than something that has to be managed. When I’m living in my deep feminine knowing, it is definitely a gift. When I’m trying to keep up with the pace of a driven, maniacal world…not so much. I’m now in a committed relationship with the feminine…so it’s pure gift.

But here’s my latest realization of the mismanagement. With this gift of being highly attuned, comes the ability to sense the subtle energy of others’ emotions and discomfort. I’ve been intervening in other people’s discomfort for YEARS without even realizing it. It’s a deep form of codependence. I have been energetically tiptoeing around others' discomfort like a frickin ninja.

If I sense Carol brings Joan discomfort I’ll whip up some magic and make things all better. If I know that topic A makes Bob squirm, I’ll redirect conversational traffic with ease and grace. My superpower even allows me to sense when something is coming down the pike yet still miles away. I can redirect energy before it arrives.

As you may have guessed this was a super power developed at an early age to create emotional and physical safety.

Well now it’s safe, and it’s not only unnecessary but it’s also squandering my energy away by doing all of this managing. And here’s the real kicker. I’m robbing people of their own soul growth by not allowing them to squirm and be uncomfortable.

This is pretty ironic because I come from a lineage of crooks and con artists. One of my top values is honesty and transparency. But damnit, ends up I’m like my ancestors afterall (it’s just that I've been robbing on an energetic level instead of material).

So I’m now in training to be in my own discomfort with others’ discomfort. I keep reminding myself “it’s not about me” and “It’s none of my business” when I feel the discomfort arise in others. And I surely don't want to be stealing opportunities from anyone. I believe that our collection evolution of consciousness begins with each person’s own awakening and those subtle levels of discomfort are often where it begins. So, I'm guessing I'll awaken to something new through my own discomfort.


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