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Manage Your Frequency


I've long been a proponent of choosing activities, beliefs and overall lifestyle choices that raise your personal vibration.  My entire professional life is dedicated to assisting others in rising out of the density and creating sustainable ways to keep the vibration high.  This is one of the most important factors in healing from addiction and trauma.  

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned there is a

technological device that works with the quantum field to scan body

and energy and deliver the optimal frequencies for overall health

and vitality.  

"If you want to find

the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Nikola Tesla

Healy is a revolutionary device that sends frequencies specific to your body’s energy field in support of shifting your frequency to bio resonance.  In order for you to heal more easily, feel good, align all parts of yourself to optimum functioning, and radiate in your highest vibration. 


Healy scans your energetic field and works out where you are out of balance.  Then it delivers back to you the exact frequencies that you need to bring you back into harmony and balance. Healy works on ALL aspects of the human body and human experience. Physical, mental, emotional, by sending specific frequencies through the quantum field.  We are systemic beings and we're meant to be in balance and thriving, when we give the body nudges and resources to support balance it will quickly move in that direction.


There are multiple frequencies programmed into these devices and the usages are vast and wide.  Use the frequencies sent to your body to promote quick shifts that lead to emotional, physical and spiritual


Imagine a world where everyone is radiating at their highest frequency!  What does that world look like?  Let us imagine the possibilities.   It starts with BELIEVING  that we have the power to heal ourselves and, in turn, our world.  

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