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1:1 retreats curated specifically
for you!

Schedule your individual retreat with me as your guide on the Forgotten Coast of Florida.
The ocean is calling you . . .

I facilitate individualized, personal retreats for you (solo) or you and your soul tribe friends.   There are a couple different options!  Read on....


Personal retreats are held at a private residence on The Forgotten Coast of Florida. This is a deeply restorative time of devotion to your inner life through the quiet and beauty of nature.

The Forgotten Coast (where I live) is quiet and undeveloped without traffic, noise, or light pollution.  The area in which the retreat will be held is wild and mostly undeveloped with protected forests, beaches, marshes, beautiful night sky and extremely quiet except for the sounds of nature.  Learn more about this area of the world in this video

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Option One - Economical Approach - You Coordinate - I Facilitate 

If you're in need of deep rest and restoration and want to travel with your gal pals, let me come in for one day and get you focused and settled in. I'll leave you with ideas and suggestions to keep your retreat going. Or if you want me to come back each day and guide...I can do that too!


We can customize what's exactly right for you. I've been building my retreat tool-kit for 25 years and can provide you with a menu of activities such as kundalini yoga, meditative painting, writing workshop, family constellations, astrology workshop, divination, reiki sessions, dream work, frequency medicine and more. No matter what activity we do, what I'm ultimately doing is holding the energetic space for you to commune with your soul. And I'm deeply grateful to do this work in beautiful, natural settings.

$750 for first day (unlimited # of people) and $500 for each additional day


Option Two - All Inclusive - I Coordinate and Facilitate - You Luxuriate!

The process starts with a conversation about what is happening in your life and what your goals are for the retreat.  Using intuitive guidance, I will then create an individualized plan for your stay that will include some of the activities listed below.  All you have to do is show up and prepare for between 3-7 days of deep rejuvenation and healing.  

I will arrange the accomodations (in a coastal Airbnb),  provide food, and retreat facilitation. 

I will be with you during the day and leave you to quiet time and stargazing on your own at night. (Unless we make other arrangements)


Some things to expect on your retreat are:


  • Time in nature (beach and woods)

  • Kayaking or Paddle Boarding

  • Wildlife 

  • Meditation / mindfulness

  • Tarot and Astrology

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Creativity/Therapuetic Art 

  • Family Constellations

  • Energy Healing

  • Daily Dreamwork

  • Journaling/Writing


3 Night Personalized Retreat - $2250

5 Night Personalized Retreat - $3750

7 Night Personalized Retreat - $5250

Includes lodging, meals, and programming

2 or more participants

3 Night Personalized Retreat - $1500 per person

5 Night Personalized Retreat - $2500 per person

7 Night Personalized Retreat - $3500 per person


What you will receive on a typical retreat day

  • Guided meditation to tap into your deep inner knowing.
  • Gentle kundalini yoga practice with breath work. 
  • Time at the canvas to begin building the energy and image of the deep messages.
  • Astrological and tarot reading.
  • Personalized scans and frequencies run on the Healy Device.
  • Silent time in nature; healthy meals and plenty of time to journal, rest, and contemplate. 
  • Quantum Field Exercises.
  • All activities are optional and you'll be encouraged to listen to your own guidance on how active you are.  No pressure!  
  • And included in every day will be fun, humor and lots of laughter.  Because wise women don't take ourselves too seriously.
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Painting Practice

We'll do a daily painting practice that builds the energy of what you are discovering, releasing and claiming through your retreat process.  The layers will build and the end result will be a symbol or image of your deep knowing to guide you for years to come.

Painting supplies provided and I'll guide you in the process.  No experience necessary.

Location, Location, Location

The Forgotten Coast is an undeveloped area of the panhandle/western coast of Florida.  There are no high rises, night life, or neon signs.  There's not any light pollution and there are no crowds or traffic.  There is plenty of wild life with an array of birds, dolphins, and other sea creatures.  And the clear night sky is stunning!
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