Systemic/Relational Constellations



6-Week Constellation Group

January 30-March 12 (we skip 2/20)

1-3 PM Thursdays 

$300 for 6-Week Series

Held at Kundalini Rising Yoga Studio

1218 Wedgewood Ave., Nashville


In this 6-Week series you will have the opportunity to be a representative in multiple constellations thereby creating a healing ripple effect in both your life, the world at large and the person's constellation who is being facilitated.  In this process, we consciously access the morphogenic field to heal ancestral, systemic and societal patterns.  

   What is Constellation Work?

A Systemic Constellation is a process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. This work is done on the soul level and heals the burden of destructive familial patterns such as anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, alcoholism, addiction and illness.

Family constellation work allows us to break free from these energetic, soul level patterns so that we can live happier, healthier, conscious lives.  

This is a spiritual, intuitive, energy based process that is conducted in "the knowing field."

I was trained by Camille Adair, RN who was trained by Hella Neumann who was trained by Bert Hellinger.  Learn more about this mystical process at their links.

Schedule a session with me by emailing

$225 - 90 minute Individual Constellation Session 

© 2013 by Tammy Roth

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