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 What is Constellation Work?

Do you feel like you're the one in your lineage that is here to heal
the suffering of your ancestors? 

Do you feel like it's time for the patterns of trauma, addiction, and self destructive
patterns to end? 

If yes, then Systemic Family Constellation work may be calling to you.


This form of ancestral healing views through the lens that energy never dies, it just gets passed on to the next generation and the next.  If the pain, suffering and trauma of our ancestors (the healers who were burned at the stake, or the men who endured war after war, or the mamas who lost their babies, etc) is not acknowledged and grieved, this pain keeps getting passed on, but it appears as patterns, addictions, anxiety, depression, etc.  


With Constellation work, we enter the quantum field and access the energy of the ancestors, give them voice, acknowledge the pain, put things in right order and acknowledge it ALL belongs. No one and no thing is exiled.  Through this work, we are no longer loyal to the pain and suffering of the ancestors, instead we have the ancestors at our back supporting us and encouraging us to live and thrive beyond what they were able to do.  They truly want us to evolve beyond them.


We also access cosmic and galactic support to expand our energy out of the 3D fear and scarcity vibration and assist us in expanding our consciousness, our intuitive abilities and a felt sense of our own divinity.  We can also access aspects of your natal birth chart to support the constellation work.  Through spending time in "the field" we evolve and learn the principles of 5D living.

Schedule with Tammy via Zoom 

90 minute sessions are $250 

Package of 3 is $700

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