Constellation Open House
on Zoom
Thursday, Dec 16, 2021 
4PM Pacific/6PM CST/7PM EST

You're invited to experience the power of Constellation work at this free gathering.  Whether you're a beginner or experienced, please join us in releasing a bit more tension in the field during this most auspicious time of healing on the planet.  

Zoom Link:

Constellation Immersion

January-June 2022

Being a participant in constellations is a powerful process and you reap many rewards from the multi-dimensional aspect of the healing.  Consider being part of a 6-month constellation community to deepen your experience.


This six-month process will give you a deep dive into constellation work.  This would include monthly Saturday Constellations and Saturday+Sunday for the January, June.    You will have the opportunity to have your personal constellation facilitated (likely more than once). This also gives you automatic free access to other constellation activities that are scheduled during the 6 months.  ALL OCCUR ON ZOOM - however if you're in the Florida area and want to attend in person in January and June you are welcome to join in person or on Zoom.


January 22-23 (in person in FL or on Zoom) 

Feb 19 - Zoom

Mar 19 - Zoom

Apr 16 - Zoom

May 21 - Zoom

June 11-12 (in person in FL or on Zoom)


$600 for six month immersion

Email me at to apply

 What is Constellation Work?

A Systemic Constellation is a process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. This work is done on the soul level and heals the burden of destructive familial patterns such as anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, alcoholism, addiction and illness.

Family constellation work allows us to break free from these energetic, soul level patterns so that we can live happier, healthier, conscious lives.  

​This is a spiritual, intuitive, energy based process that is conducted in "the knowing field."​

Schedule an individual session with me on Zoom


$250- 90 minute individual constellation session

$700 - Package of three 90-minute sessions