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Go Small or Go Home!

Over the past year I've found that my internal guidance system wants me to go slower and go smaller in my professional life.

This has been a struggle for my ego because it goes directly against everything I've ever learned about being an entrepreneur, author and creator.

Each time I would get one of these messages I would question if maybe it was just me being lazy, tired, or not motivated enough. There's a long list of the ways I berated myself for not going bigger. I mean afterall, "go small or go home" isn't exactly the American way, right? And who does an advertising campaign on "Exciting news! We're getting smaller and slower!" And here's another truth. There is no "we." I'm a one-woman show. There's no team or staff. Just me and the MacBook Air with a 12-year Bichon at my side.

I've compared myself to successful mentors and friends who were growing their businesses and bringing amazing offerings to the world. (Comparison is my ego's favorite way to bully me) And finally one day I could hear my Truth clearly. "Enough already with the comparing and trying to meet some standard that doesn't match with my purpose." I gave myself permission to really listen to what my soul wants. I have relaxed into this and it's wonderful. Now, it seems so simple...but making my way through this mind maze was definitely confusing. It's taken me a long time to get here because most business coaches or coaching programs have always insisted that I go big or else it's my resistance getting in the way. Plus our patriarchal culture is all about going bigger, more profitable, more followers, and of course the ultimate gold star standard is getting OPRAH's endorsement. exhausts me just writing it all. It's just not how I'm wired. Since I've given myself permission to be who I am as a writer, creator and guide I feel such relief and a much stronger sense of authenticity. Not to mention that I'm not worn out or feeling like I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I believe our soul's are here to expand, grow and learn. But that doesn't always equate to bigger platforms. I'm learning that souls are very unique. I definitely think there is a place for those who are called to have big platforms and touch a lot of lives. I appreciate that so much! And without people taking that path I wouldn't know about some of my favorite thought leaders. I'm simply telling this story because I believe we're all called to our own unique paths and no one external, only our own inner guidance can determine what that path is. I hope you give yourself permission to be on the path that is perfect for you.


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