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Wild Women

I find it fascinating to watch themes happening in the collective and follow the thread.

A theme I've been observing is women writers, entrepreneurs and influencers using terms like WILD, UNTAMED, and FERAL. I see liberal use of profanity. I see women using very sensual and evocative pictures of themselves as part of their business and branding. This is intriguing!

Simultaneously I'm reading more and more about alcohol abuse among women, like mommy's sippy cup filled with wine, empty nesters turning to alcohol and rapidly crashing, etc. Are they related?

Could this be a way of trying to connect with our wildness by numbing our prefrontal cortex? It's not true's just sloppiness. Believe me I know that form of wildness well and it's not authentic.

Collectively as women we are deeply craving to be our free, wise, intuitive, creative, fiery selves. We are fed up with the boxes we've allowed ourselves to be placed in with perfectionism and tidiness. We're great at being stoic and resilient.

But it's time to get messy! Women are breaking free to be our AUTHENTIC wild natured selves. This fast paced evolution that is happening on our planet is pushing us quickly to our true nature.

There are 38 million baby boomer women and I don't think it's a stretch to say we are the most stoic, reserved generation. We have a lot to learn from the Gen Xers and even more to learn from the Millennials about tapping into our untamed truth.

If we resist our natural wildness it leads to discomfort in the form of depression and anxiety and even panic attacks.

How can we connect with this wildness if it's not in the form of substances? By connecting to the body. Dancing and allowing your body to follow the music is a fantastic way to get in touch with this inherent wildness. Put your playlist on shuffle and allow your body to adjust to the pace of the song that comes on. Allow sounds to bubble up from deep in your body. Scream, howl, roar. Shake! Jump! Move!

Getting into nature will also reconnect us to our wildness. Spending time in nature allows us to attune to the rhythm of the ultimate feminine energy of mama earth.

And simple AWARENESS.

Start questioning what you say yes to. What you say no to. What does your innate wild woman want? Give HER a voice in your life!


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