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my Testimonials

I love what I do and I am fortunate to be able share this beautiful slice of heaven on the forgotten coast of Florida.

It's the perfect place to restore and revive your soul.

Here's what people are saying about their personal experiences with my me, my approach and the programs I offer.

with gratitude Tammy


Tammy Roth's January 2023 Women's Retreat
was perfect for me.


The topic, Claiming Aging, attracted me as I just turned 70, and I knew what a marvelous facilitator Tammy is. The safety and beauty of the setting and this particular retreat center were both magnificent on St. George Island, FL, and we could not have asked for better weather. I do not usually travel with groups of people but this was so easy: from Tammy's telling us at the beginning of the retreat to take care of ourselves primarily and attend only the activities we wanted to; to taking time for ourselves; to having a vibrant agenda that built in free time for us to wander, journal, paint, enjoy yoga, and get to know each other.


I have begun new friendships with some incredible souls. We women can grow and learn so much about ourselves and about the world around us and beyond, when we have a trustworthy facilitator, excellent guidelines and boundaries, and motivated and fascinating participants to enjoy. Our sharing was vulnerable and touching, the quantum field was alive, and the connections in this community sizzled! 

Barbara Sanders, LCSW

Tammy Roth is gifted, intuitive,  full of grace and


Tammy’s years of experience, creativity, professional training and knowledge allows her to provide a deeply intuitive and healing sacred container for both individuals and for circles of women to bond, play, rest, create and heal.


I am deeply grateful to know and have experienced her work.


These retreats where the circles of wise women gather on sacred land/oceans are where the magic and healing happens."

Marsha M. Carnahan


Attending a retreat with a bunch of strangers may seem intimidating to some, but Tammy Roth seems to know exactly how to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable,

included and seen. 


I knew immediately that I was in a safe space where I could be vulnerable and share my thoughts and feelings without the fear of judgement or embarrassment. 


Tammy eased us in with her own candor and honesty, gave us the flexibility to decide how much we wanted to participate, and also held space for us to get exactly what we needed from the experience.


I gained friendships and bonds with other women that may never have happened otherwise, and I left the beautiful oceanfront house with a deeper understanding of myself and a greater appreciation for my age and my personal journey. If you've ever wondered if this retreat is for you,

I urge you to trust your soul and sign up.

Your future self will be so glad you did.  

Carla Lasyone

I went on a one-on-one retreat with Tammy
this past October. 


I had been on individual retreats with someone else several years back (pre-pandemic).  But now, things were different, I am different.  Newly retired, pandemic me.   There was a yearning for retreat in me building up over the last few years but I wasn’t ready for a group experience.  And I had worked with Tammy during those years by phone and with her small group on zoom.  So I was familiar with her work and she seemed like someone who would fit well with me.  A few thoughts about my experience with her:


First, Tammy checked in with me several times, months before the retreat, helping me keep the soul process in motion.  She advised practices such as setting a new moon intention to help lay a path for my retreat.


One thing I loved about Tammy is that she has many modalities in her pocket and was very open to reaching for any that spoke to her, or me, at any given moment - that was powerful.  Some were new to me (Kundalini yoga in the morning) and some were familiar to me (meditative art).  I arrived not exactly sure what I wanted or needed, but Tammy was able to gently guide the process into what was soul nourishing and peace-giving.  So many magical insights came up!


As far as logistics go, things could not have been better.  The house was prefect, a calm oasis and perfectly located for our retreat work.  She had the kitchen stocked when I arrived with food I had requested plus extra goodies.   She took control of lunch and dinner meals which were absolutely delicious.  I had plenty of time alone for retreat work and just relaxing.


I highly recommend working with Tammy - you will hear what your soul wants to tell you.



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