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Retreat together!

Small group retreats to connect & restore

What you will recieve on a typical retreat day

  • Sacred circle, ceremony and ritual to tap into your deep knowing on topics around wisdom and empowerment.
  • Gentle kundalini yoga practice with breath work. 
  • Time at the canvas to begin building the energy and image of your inner knowing.
  • Silent time in nature; shared meals and plenty of time to journal, rest, and contemplate.  
  • Dream work
  • All activities are optional and you'll be encouraged to listen to your own guidance on how active you are.  Never any pressure. 
  • And included in every day will be fun, humor and lots of laughter.  Because wise women don't take ourselves too seriously.
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Painting Practice

We'll do a daily painting practice that builds the energy of what you are discovering, releasing and claiming about the aging process.  The layers will build and the end result will be a symbol or image of the wise woman archetype who will guide you for years to come!

Painting supplies provided and I'll guide you in the process.  No experience necessary.

Location, Location, Location

The Forgotten Coast is an undeveloped area of the panhandle/western coast of Florida.  There are no high rises, night life, or neon signs.  There's not any light pollution and there are no crowds or traffic.  There is plenty of wild life with an array of birds, dolphins, and other sea creatures.  And the clear night sky is stunning!
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