About Me....

I’ve always been the black sheep among numerous white sheep.  I became my own research project to figure out why I felt so different and isolated in my own skin.  My journey took me through discovering I am a highly sensitive person and I have suffered a lot of trauma (even though I would have never considered not having my emotional needs met a traumatic experience…but I now know differently). 


I learned how I’m wired differently than most people and the harsh world often felt like too much to endure.  As a kid I started using food to self soothe.  Then as a teenager I switched to cigarettes and by young adulthood I had added alcohol to the mix.  By the end of my addiction 20 years later I was using alcohol and stimulants on a daily basis.  The alcohol was socially acceptable, the stimulants were prescribed by a doctor who eagerly increased the dosage every time I asked.    I never had any serious external consequences from either.  But internally I was a white-hot mess.  I was depressed and hopeless and couldn’t imagine a way out.  Suicide was always a lingering thought.   I finally found my way out of the nightmare in 2009 and have been sober ever since.  You can read about my journey in my two memoirs “High Bottom – Letting go of Vodka and Chardonnay” and “New Bottom – Turning the Other Cheek.”


I’ve spent the past 12 years in deep learning about addiction, neuroscience, creativity, spirituality, intuition, epigenetics and more.  Through this research I created the Her Circle Recovery model which is a feminine approach to healing addiction.  I love working with women who are ready to quit numbing out so they can discover who they truly are at their core and build a new life that is fulfilling and rewarding.  I am skilled in many approaches to get to the underlying reason you are in pain.


I’m a traditionally trained as a psychotherapist but I now work as a certified professional coach.  I’ve spent the bulk of my post graduate training in alternative modalities which has led to me creating a coaching approach that connects you to your soul and provides intense deep healing through creativity, spirituality and the wisdom of the body. 


I utilize approaches such as Family Constellations, Dreamwork, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, deep guided imagery, creative writing, and utilizing the canvas to express and feel.  I will help you create a daily practice to keep you connected to the wise part of yourself.  My training includes:

PhD., Metaphysics, American Institute of Holistic Theology

M.Ed., Human Development Counseling, Vanderbilt University

M.Ed., Human Resource Development, Vanderbilt University

Certified Professional Coach

EMDR & Brainspotting certification

Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Family Constellations Facilitator

Reiki Master/Teacher

Jungian Dream Work Training

© 2013 by Tammy Roth

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