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A little about me . . .


I’ve always felt like the black sheep. I became my own research project to figure out why I felt so different and isolated in my own skin.  My journey took me through discovering I am a highly sensitive empath and how I spent most of my life trying to (unconsciously) protect my sensitive self by numbing out.


I learned how I’m wired differently than most people and the harsh world often felt like too much to endure. As a kid I started using food to self soothe. Then as a teenager I switched to cigarettes and by young adulthood I had added alcohol to the mix. By the end of my addiction 20 years later I was using alcohol and stimulants on a daily basis. The alcohol was socially acceptable, the stimulants were prescribed by a doctor who eagerly increased the dosage every time I asked. I never had any serious external consequences from either. But internally I was a white-hot mess. I was depressed and hopeless and couldn’t imagine a way out.  Suicide was always a lingering thought. I finally found my way out of the nightmare in 2009 and have been sober & thriving in my empathic gifts ever since. You can read about my journey in my two memoirs “High Bottom – Letting go of Vodka and Chardonnay” and “New Bottom – Turning the Other Cheek.”


I've spent over 25 years immersed in spirituality, intuition, creativity and all things mystical. I have long known I was a "wayshower" for others on the spiritual path. I've discovered that most people on the spiritual path have a background similar to mine with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or addiction and typically have grown up in a dysfunctional family. My passion and purpose is to assist others in seeing their trauma, addiction and numbing habits with love and compassion and how it ultimately becomes the medicine they offer the world. This shift in perspective opens up the heart and the path to higher states of consciousness, intuition and wisdom. 


I utilize approaches such as Quantum Astrology, Family Constellations, Dreamwork, Tarot, and utilizing the canvas to paint, express and feel. I'm also a rose priestess of the Magdalene lineage. And I use this deep knowing to help you remember the divine feminine that resides within you.  


I facilitate individual and group retreats. Retreats are a beautiful re-set for your soul. I will help you create a daily practice to keep you connected to the wisest part of yourself.  

I'm a native of Nashville, TN but made the transition to the remote Forgotten Coast of Florida in 2021. I now live a quiet and contemplative life exploring swamps, rivers, forests and the Gulf of Mexico where I have regular encounters with dolphins, manatees, eagles, bear, live oak, and pine trees.

Professional Cred

I’m traditionally trained as a psychotherapist but I now work as a professional coach.  I’ve spent the bulk of my post graduate training in alternative modalities which has led to me creating a coaching approach that connects you to your soul and provides intense deep healing through creativity, spirituality and the wisdom of the body.  


My education and training include:

PhD., Metaphysics, American Institute of Holistic Theology

M.Ed., Human Development Counseling, Vanderbilt University

M.Ed., Human Resource Development, Vanderbilt University

Quantum Soul Guide Certification

Certified Professional Coach

Astrologer (includes Galactic astrology)

Priestess of the Magdalene Rose Lineage

EMDR & Brainspotting certification

Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Family Constellations Facilitator/Trainer

Reiki Master/Teacher

Jungian Dream Work Training

She Recovers Coach

Creatively Fit Coach

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