12-Week Cohort

I offer a 12-week mentoring group for those who are ready to step into their calling, their dreams, and are ready to address behaviors, patterns and shadow material that block living into their true potential and are ready to move beyond the limiting beliefs that hold them back. This is for the person who believes (or wants to believe) we have access to higher consciousness and the quantum field.

This will be done through:

  • 1:1 coaching and Constellation work  

  • the power of an energetically connected group;

  • and utilizing creativity...especially the canvas and paint as a metaphor for life and moving you into co-creating your life with the Creative Life Force Energy (aka universe, quantum field, god/goddess, spirit).


This process builds powerfully on the energy of the group's connection and intentional focus.  It will also utilize my decades of experience to create powerful, energetically supportive space along with my intuitive guidance to help you move into the life you are desiring as a change agent in the evolution of the planet.  


This mentorship is for you if you're willing to:

  • do weekly homework by utilizing an online classroom (journaling, meditating and painting);

  • commit to a self care program (it does not have to be massive) we'll create something realistic together;

  • attend a weekly 2 hour virtual call;  

  • participate in 1:1 sessions with me;

  • participate in both creative and metaphysical practices; 

  • utilize canvas and paint as a process to work with the subconscious (note: this is not creating a piece of art...it's about the process);

  • step out of your comfort zone and into the quantum field of pure potentiality; and

  • stay connected to the group throughout the 12 weeks.


This group will be limited to 10 people.  This group is for those who have done deep personal work, have good self awareness and are ready to step into the next phase of their life.  


I will stay very closely connected to you through the 12 weeks and assist in guiding you to your soul's calling.

Next cohort begins

September 30, 2020

calls held on 

Wednesdays 12:00PM-2:00PM


Schedule a call with me so we can make sure it's a good fit for you.

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Preview the online classroom



PKG includes:

online classroom (access 


12-weekly cohort virtual calls

3 individual sessions with TAMMY



PKG includes:

online classroom (access 


12-weekly cohort virtual calls

6 individual sessions with TAMMY



PKG includes:

online classroom (access 


12-weekly cohort virtual calls

12 individual sessions with TAMMY


Melissa Collette

So grateful to have participated in the January 2020 cohort of Soul Note. I have engaged in growth workshops in the past, but this program is unique and deeply transformational. The content was new for me, definitely a stretch, and yet the creative projects and group work were not intimidating due to Tammy’s wisdom and intuitive approach, and the fact that she is invested in meeting each participant where they are on their journey. The coursework guides you through each step and there is the option for interaction with your classmates throughout the projects. At times I chose to work alone and be more private, and other times I thrived on the feedback and shared realizations. The bonds formed in the group are powerful and my new friends are a priceless blessing. If you are on the fence about whether this is right for you, I encourage you to talk with Tammy. If you don’t know Tammy, she is a strong and gifted leader who is easy to talk to, no pressure, no BS, no ego. If you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and meet your higher self, but are unsure what to do next? Take this step, do this course. 

Carla Lasyone



When I showed up for the first Soul Note class with Tammy Roth I brought with me a 2-page document outlining my 180 degree planned career change, a bulldozer mentality and a "if I build it, it will come" assuredness. About two weeks into the class I could clearly hear my soul saying the words STOP, SLOW DOWN, and BE STILL. I knew in my gut that this was exactly what I was supposed to do, despite what society had always taught me. Now, 12 weeks later, I am in a completely different headspace than where I started, with a freakish intuition that is blowing my mind daily, a clarity of being, and the feeling that I am an open portal for signs and messages from the Universe. Plans for change are still in the air, but I am now being led day-by-day rather than forcing my own way and timeline. I went in thinking I knew what the "plan" was and I couldn't have been more wrong. There's just something special about the groups of women that Tammy gathers, the wisdom she imparts, and the magic that shows up unexpectedly. Her retreats and classes are absolutely life-changing and SOUL NOTE is no exception.

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