Recovery in Dog Years

Dog Spa

Having worked in various residential treatment settings over the years, I often jokingly say that it's like working in dog years. So much happens in a single day, that often when referring to a conversation that happened just yesterday, it seems like a week ago....because of the magnitude that has occurred in only 24 hours.

Fortunately, the same home-spun theory applies to the person receiving treatment in a residential setting. Being immersed in a consistent, healing environment allows for much deeper and rapid healing to occur. Having the familiarity, safety and consistency of staff and peers, allows for the immersion to go deeper into the unconscious wounds allowing them to finally surface and be healed. Being held in this healing environment is such a profound way to make lasting life changes. It allows the body and brain to heal without rushing back into the harshness of day to day life which can feel like an assault on the nervous system.

I encourage anyone looking for a true path of recovery to consider giving themselves the gift of deep soul work. In dog years.

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