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Quantum Astrology

I tried for years (decades actually) to learn astrology and it just wouldn't "stick."  I knew there was a wealth of guidance within my chart and what was happening with transiting planets but I just couldn't seem to crack the code.  Until one day it happened and the flood gates opened and astrology came rushing in.  You see, it didn't happen in a traditional left-brain learning type way.  Instead, I got my downloads while doing Family Constellation work, which happens to be accessing the quantum field.  It wasn't intentional, it seemed that the time was right and I received it.  Since then I have been working with astrology in a much different way than the typical left brain way.  I don't give "readings."  Instead I guide others in the quantum field to access their chart.  

Yes, now I understand the chart because of this spontaneous thing that happened (and I still read and learn about astrology all the time), but what I have discovered by accessing the quantum field is that your chart is very alive and animated.  The planets, signs, aspects and houses (especially the planets!) have things to say.  They are very personal to the beholder of the chart.  This is your soul's blueprint and it wants to communicate with you.  

I have discovered by doing astrology sessions in this way that planets and signs like Scorpio, Capricorn, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are much more loving and compassionate than a typical astrology course would lead you to believe.  These energies in our chart want to support us to the highest good.  It doesn't mean it's always going to be easy, but it will be for the highest good.  It gets hard when we resist.  Resistance is what makes it difficult.

I have been offering these types of astrology sessions to friends for a while as I have been exploring and learning.  Now I'm bringing it to the public.  I'm offering these sessions at an introductory rate $85/hour to build a reputation of guiding people to embody and experience their astrology at a deep level.   Once the people begin coming on a regular basis then I will be incrementally increasing my rate to reflect my 20+ years of experience in energy, archetypes and the quantum field through many, many different modalities.  

Will you join me in a session?  

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starts September 2024

Starts September 2024

What's a Session Like?

Having spent the past decade immersed in Family Constellation work, I have become very skilled at guiding people at experiencing the quantum field.  Through Zoom (unless you make arrangements for an in-person session), I will guide you with your astrology chart.  You will need quiet, private space.  I will guide you and you will stand up and "step into" different energies.  The messages, energies, activations, insights and downloads come through energy.  You will feel it in your body, synchronicities will happen, insights will drop in and I will also be getting information as well.  Every session is different.  There is a real feeling of "coming home" when you access your chart in this way.

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