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Expanding Consciousness..what does it mean?

Have you ever really thought about what "expanding consciousness" means? I've been exploring this lately. Let's break it down. Consciousness means awareness. So if I think about what I'm aware of, it's things that ...well I'm already aware of. So if we take the next leap and intend to have expanding consciousness it means we are going to have things coming into our awareness that we weren't aware of before. Sounds easy-peasy, right?

Well not necessarily!

Have you heard the story about how when Magellan sailed up in a huge ship to an island filled with natives, and they did not see the ship? Once Magellan and peeps were in a canoe or some kind of smaller boat, the natives could then see them approaching. The natives hadn't seen or heard of a ship before so they had no awareness and their mind could not comprehend it so the ship didn't even register, but the canoe did.

My understanding is that I am surrounded by energies, experiences and beings all the time that aren't in my conscious awareness (YET!).

As I keep inviting in an expansion of consciousness, these things are being revealed and sometimes it can feel mind boggling. But then it drops in and integrates and my consciousness has expanded. If too much happens at once and it doesn't get integrated that is when psychotic breaks occur (or at least that's what our modern culture calls it). I came very close to one in the days before getting sober. So it's understandable how expanding our consciousness can also have some fear attached to it because going too far with it can feel scary for sure.

I have had a lot of expansion experiences happen (especially since moving to the coast). My guides are asking me to share these stories and experiences in this newsletter. Gulp.

I put up a bit of resistance to that request which made me realize how much I value not being viewed as too "out there." I really value being seen as grounded and practical.

Well apparently it's time for me to get out of my comfort zone and start sharing things that at one time I would have considered WEIRD but now just feel exciting and miraculous. But they may seem VERY weird to you! Or perhaps they will just seem like another day on this wild and wacky planet.


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