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Choose the path that is right for you and your recovery...

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Unstoppable Dream

Recovery Program

 Focus on your Vibrational Frequency rather than the addiction!  You are a vibrational being. Addiction is a very low frequency.  When you are in the "vibration of addiction" it's nearly impossible to access your true essence.  The "vibration of addiction" is made up of fear and scarcity.  It is a constricted state.  To recover, we must rise above and access higher states of consciousness.  From this higher state, we can do the "shadow work" of recovery by shining a light on the density with love and compassion.


 Join us!!


Recovery Coach Certification

 A Quantum Approach to Women's Empowerment
This is a sort of "Mystery School" for women in recovery who have always, or find themselves now leaning into, all that is possible. We are harnessing the Quantum Field, sacred geometry, the energy and archetypes of the Sacred Feminine and her inspired creativity, along with the Unstoppable Dream Blueprint to empower women around the world through online weekly circles and supplemental recovery experiences such as yoga, astrology, intuitive painting, & much more.
Truly the possibilities are endless for Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coaches.

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