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A New Paradigm of
Women's Recovery

Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach Certifi

Recovery Coach Certification

 A Quantum Approach to Women's Empowerment

This is a sort of "Mystery School" for women in recovery

who have always, or now find themselves leaning into,

all that is possible.

For 25 years, I've worked within the framework of many different recovery models. None of them felt quite right for the highly intuitive, creative, empathic woman. 


What if…


…you are not “sick?”


…you are not “broken?”


…you are not wrong, bad, ill, etc.?


What if…

Your recovery journey is one of

empowerment and transformation?  

What if…

the addiction (or any underworld experience 

from which you are recovering)


In this Recovery Coaching program, you will learn to guide

other women in harnessing the quantum field, sacred geometry,

the energy and archetypes of the sacred feminine and

her inspired creativity, along with the Unstoppable Dream

blueprint to empower women around the world through

online weekly circles and supplemental recovery experiences

such as yoga, astrology, intuitive painting, & much more.

Truly the possibilities are endless for

Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coaches.

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