Committed to assisting those who are helping shift the consciousness of our planet. 


I am called to work with those who identify as: 

  • the healers, the therapists, and the coaches;

  • the teachers, the writers and the artists; 

  • the witches, the lightworkers and the wayshowers.

Online classroom

Utilize creativity, intuition,  meditation and the quantum field to explore your soul.

soul note coaching

A 12-week program utilizing the power of the group, creativity and the quantum field to discover your soul note.

family constellations

Heal ancestral trauma and patterns through virtual sessions.


Memoirs by Tammy

Individual coaching

Individual coaching to connect with the deepest part of your soul.

Crone nation

Wise Woman Summit

Join a gathering of Wild & Wise women to nurture your soul.

© 2013 by Tammy Roth

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