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Focus on your Vibrational Frequency rather than the addiction!  

You are a vibrational being. Addiction is a very low frequency.  When you are in the "vibration of addiction" it's nearly impossible to access your true essence.  
The "vibration of addiction" is made up of fear and scarcity.  It is a constricted state.  To recover, we must rise above and access higher states of consciousness.  From this higher state, we can do the "shadow work" of recovery by shining a light on the density with love and compassion.  

Join Whitney Freya and me in this revolutionary new paradigm of recovery.
The online course is based on the content of Whitney's newest book, "30 Days to Unstoppable, Be the Dream Made Visible" and it's filled with painting, sacred geometry, shamanic ritual, quantum field exercises, family constellation meditations, and recovery info.  

What's included:
Lifetime access to this creative, quantum online course to work at your own pace;
A weekly Zoom meeting (held each Wednesday at 4PM Pacific / 6PM Central / 7PM Eastern) to check in on your recovery, creativity and spirituality;

Explore this new recovery paradigm in a creative community. 


I am the unstoppable dream ofr women in recovery course

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