My Background:

I am a Creatively Fit Coach and Family Constellations facilitator who specializes in guiding individuals to recover their authentic self that may have been lost to both ancestral trauma and the stress of modern life.  


I use metaphysical techniques to get to the soul level of the issues and heal the root cause.  I may be the right coach for you if you are ready to connect with the sacred, do the inner work and have deep conversations with your soul.   This will happen by learning to have deep compassion for yourself, trusting your intuition, recognizing and following synchronicities, healing ancestral patterns, meditating, learning rituals and ceremony, practicing divination and spending time with the still, quiet voice within.


I have spent 20 years as a licensed psychotherapist finding many alternative methods to clear the energy, the subconscious, cellular memory and ancestral trauma that keeps us blocked from our true selves.  


I utilize an intuitive approach and use modalities such as Family Constellations,  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Energy Healing, Dreamwork, Intuition and Guided Imagery.

I use my clinical experience as the foundation to guide you on how to build skills, connect with the spiritual and create the life you are dreaming of.  

In 2020 I have become committed to assisting those who are helping shift the consciousness of our planet. 


I am called to work with those who identify as: 

  • the healers, the therapists, and the coaches;

  • the teachers, the writers and the artists; 

  • the witches, the lightworkers and the wayshowers;

After being on the path of awakening for a couple of decades I feel prepared to share my skills and experience in assisting you to live a high vibrational life.  My mission is to coach and mentor you in staying balanced while discerning your unique gifts and putting those into the world with ease and abundance.   This program will help you connect with your unique "soul note."

I strongly believe in the power of intention and group.  I also believe that 2020 is the year of fully coming into our most divine, authentic selves and living that authenticity as an offering to the world.  We are here to assist others in waking up. 

NOTE:  I am postponing the next mentoring group (scheduled to start 4/14) until the there is a bit of balance in the world.  In the meantime, since there is not a new cohort, I will be available to work individually with new clients and returning ones.  The pandemic is calling for us to step into our healing roles and professions.  It's also calling for us to stay balanced and do shadow work which includes ancestral and systemic issues.  I am offering individual sessions of coaching for calming and balancing as well as individual constellation sessions via Zoom at a 50% discount ($75) to help us all find our center and step up for what we're here to do.  Please pre-purchase sessions for $75 per session and they are valid for 3 months from purchase date.  After purchase, schedule your sessions here SCHEDULE


I offer a mentoring group that starts every twelve weeks for those who are ready to step into their calling and their dreams, who are ready to address behaviors, patterns and shadow material that block living into their true potential and are ready to move beyond the limiting beliefs that hold them back.  This will be done through:

  • 1:1 coaching and Constellation work (twice a month) 

  • the power of an energetically connected group;

  • and utilizing creativity...especially the canvas and paint as a metaphor for life and moving you into co-creating your life with the Creative Life Force Energy (aka universe, quantum field, god/goddess, spirit).


This process builds powerfully on the energy of the group's connection and intentional focus.  It will also utilize my decades of experience to create powerful, energetically supportive space along with my intuitive guidance to help you move into the life you are desiring in 2020.  


This mentorship is for you if you're willing to:

  • do weekly homework;

  • commit to a self care program (it does not have to be massive) we'll create something realistic together;

  • attend a weekly 2 hour virtual call;  Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM

  • participate in 1:1 sessions with me two times per month;

  • participate in both creative and metaphysical practices; 

  • utilize canvas and paint as a process to work with the subconscious (note: this is not creating a piece of's about the process);

  • step out of your comfort zone and into the quantum field of pure potentiality; and

  • stay connected to the group throughout the 12 weeks.


This group will be limited to 10 people.  This group is for those who have done deep personal work, have great awareness and  are ready to step into the next phase of their life.


I will stay very closely connected to you through the 12 weeks and also tune in intuitively for guidance to pass on to each one of you (note these are not psychic readings...I get guidance for people in meditation and will pass on tips and ideas).

For pricing and to apply to be in the next mentoring group which begins (START DATE IS TO BE DETERMINE) click here:

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© 2013 by Tammy Roth

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