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It was a Big 'Effin Deal!

During a therapy session to work through an unconscious block to reaching the next level of success in my professional life, I was asked if I had ever been in the hospital. "Well that was a strange question," I thought, but we were afterall, going after this block through unconventional means. "Yes, one time. I had spinal meningitis." "What were your thoughts around it at that time?" the healer asked. I reflected upon that time in my life and how ill I was, but how reluctant I was to convey to those around me just how sick I was. No, actually it wasn't reluctance, I didn't comprehend how sick I was because I had spent my entire life minimizing things like illness, emotional discomfort, fa

Alcoholism...it's all in your head.

I was recently at a training where I was the only recovering alcoholic present. The trainer began a segment on addiction and began relating his love for chocolate and his will power to say no and how that needed to translate into the world of addiction. Thanks, but we've already been down the "Just Say No" route. That's not how it works. I chose to speak up and represent the addicts in the world. I asked the crowd to imagine not having enough feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins. Imagine going through life not having enough chemicals in your brain to make you excited and motivated. Imagine not having enough chemicals to make you feel soothed and comforted. Imagine never k

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