The importance of creativity...

Making art, being creative, using your right brain is an integral part of the healing process.  Tapping into your creativity is a way to access the unconscious and heal deeply held beliefs, patterns, and emotions. 


My creative guides/teachers in the process have all been very much focused on allowing creativity and inspiration to flow through and never about skill or technique.  When the creativity and inspiration flow you will also find it flowing into your life.    


During my first year of sobriety I created and painted up a storm.  Some were ugly, muddy and messy (just like recovery can be) and some were quite nice (again, much like recovery).  The important thing, is to create and allow the emotions to come out on the canvas.  


Some of my favorite paintings are below.  And I'm also including links to my most important creative guides on this journey.


Whitney Freya - Creatively Fit


Flora Bowley - Brave Intuitive You


Art & Soul - Artist Co-op



© 2013 by Tammy Roth

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