Our Circle

12-Week Program


Starts January 7, 2020 

held at Kundalini Rising Yoga Studio

Join "Our Circle" to recover your most authentic self and begin living your truest and highest potential.

As a way to jump start the creative life-force energy that flows through you, this co-ed group offers a weekly:

  • kundalini yoga/meditation practice,

  • an intimate sharing circle and

  • creative exercises (such as writing prompts, art journaling, mandalas, etc)

Our Circle will be held at the "Kundalini Rising Yoga Studio" at 1218 Wedgewood Ave., Nashville.

Our Circle is open to both men and women and is a closed group (meaning you will start and end with the same group of people) to build safety and trust.  The weekly embodied practice and intimate sharing will take you deep into your inner life, helping you break through old patterning as well as build a personal practice to assist aligning you with the creative life force energy that is your birthright.  (LIMITED TO 12)

This is for the person who:

  • feels especially sensitive to the harshness of the world and desires a sacred and safe space to learn a new way of living; or 

  • finds themselves numbing out through work, food, sex, relationships, alcohol or other substances and is ready to heal; and

  • it's for the person who struggles with addiction and is ready to heal the root cause of their use and release the shame and guilt associated with it.

This process will work by addressing unconscious patterning, regulation of the nervous system, and right brain processing to help you break free of patterns and habits that prevent you from living your truest potential.

Our weekly topics will include:

  • Self Worth & Permission for Self Care 

  • Developing Intuition & Protecting Empaths

  • Managing Sensitivity in a Harsh World

  • Financial Health/Scarcity vs. Abundance

  • Releasing & Reprogramming Perfectionism & Shame

  • Relational Harmony

  • Community & Connection

  • Self Compassion

  • Connecting to Inner Guidance, Future Self and Mentors

  • Claiming your Soul Purpose

  • Creativity, Expansion & Higher Purpose

Our Circle will be offered weekly on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 pm beginning January 7 and run through April 7 (we will skip 1/21 and 2/25).  Cost for the 3 month program is $600 (paid in full) or $222 per month for 3 months.  

Our Circle will be facilitated by Tammy Roth, PhD.  She is a highly sensitive person who has recovered from addiction.  She is a kundalini yoga teacher, life coach, licensed psychotherapist, author and artist who is living a high vibe, creative life.

Register and set up payment plan here:  REGISTER

© 2013 by Tammy Roth

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